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About the Nam Knights


In the summer of 1989 a small group of Harley-riding combat vets of the Viet Nam War, who were also police officers, banded together to form the Nam Knights.

The Club was founded in New Jersey by Jack Quigley, now retired Undersheriff of The Bergen County Sheriff's Department. Jack served as a platoon sergeant with the 11th Motor Transport Battalion, First Marine Division.

Today, the Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club has grown to 31 chapters in ten states, with hundreds of members made up of veteran's of all eras as well as law enforcement personnel plus a few special and dedicated "civilians."

As Jack has said:

"The club was formed to recapture the brotherhood its founding members shared while serving in Southeast Asia, and to help other veterans of all wars who are unable to physically or financially help themselves.

"The mission of the Nam Knights is to honor the memory of American Veterans and Police Officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, to assist Veterans and Police Officers in their time of need, and to promote community awareness through sponsorship and participation in various community and fund-raising events.

"The Nam Knights Motorcycle Club continues to grow and thrive due to the extraordinary dedication of its members, their families and our benevolent supporters."

The Tar Heel Chapter of the Nam Knights, located at FT Bragg, N.C., was brought to life after the 07 Rolling Thunder rally in Washington D.C. After meeting the members of this organization and being treated to their gracious hospitality it was all too apparent that this was a group of men to be proud of and to share the ranks with. The ball was put into motion and in June of 2007 the founding members of the Tar Heel Chapter were awarded their colors.

We currently have members deployed in America's War on Terrorism in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Our thoughts and prayers are with them daily and with the families and loved ones who are here on the home fronts.