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First off, thank you for visiting our site. We are very proud of our site and our organization. NK Swirl has worked hard and put in long hours to put this site together to inform the masses of our organization and what we bring to the table for our community. This site is just a small sample of the dedication of the men in our organization.

Membership is made up of 50% police officers (active and retired) and also 50% Viet Nam and other military era veterans, plus a few confirmed "civilians". The members who are non-police/non-veterans enjoy all the benefits of any member, although they cannot hold executive positions from 1st Sergeant At Arms up through the position of President. All members ride Harley-Davidson Motor Company or custom-built motorcycles with the appearance and construction of which is identical to a Harley-Davidson, and which engine parts are interchangeable with a Harley-Davidson with an engine displacement of 750cc or above.

The organization's main interests are to stress the importance of helping our fellow police officers and family members that may be in need of assistance. We also place a great deal of importance in the well-being of our veterans and to bringing out the message to the general public about our prisoners of war and those that are missing in action. We support legislation for the benefit of veterans and veteran's facilities, the advancement of studies and treatment of Agent Orange, Post Traumatic Stress and Hepatitis C. Many of our projects are to benefit the veterans, police personnel and the betterment and enjoyment of motorcycle safety.

Again, I would like to thank you for your interest in our organization. We would like to hear your comments on our organization and website, so if you would please sign our guestbook and let us know.

As President of the Tar Heel Chapter, I feel that this is a very solid organization and is destined for great things in the future. In advanced I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you that grace our pages and support the cause of the Nam Knights MC.

Kevin (MAC) McKim
N.K. Tar Heel Chapter